LIKING ENERGY TECHNOLOGY LIMITED H – Series Solar Integrated Streetlights

LIKING ENERGY TECHNOLOGY LIMITED H – Series Solar Integrated Streetlights

Ever imagined the roads without Streetlights? Well, whether it’s about brightening our surroundings or for security reasons, it is always important to have good quality street lights. And most importantly, it will become impossible to find ways in the dark without proper streetlights. We all know how dangerous it can be to drive at nights if there are no proper street lights. If we will provide an outstanding street lighting would not only reduce the number of accidents on the roads, but they would also help the people with weak eyesight. These kind of street lights are easy to maintain and very effective. Street lighting must not be ignored because it can lead to fatalities and loss of property as well. Having quality street lights does not only serve the purpose of safety in the urban areas, but they also have a huge impact on our everyday living.

That’s why Liking Energy Limited, introduce to the market the newest & improved design of Solar Integrated Streetlights. The H- Series Solar Integrated Street light, offers the most efficient & quality Solar Lights with an affordable price.

Recommended & Suitable for:

  • Highway & Roadways – all in one solar streetlights promotes safety for drivers as their illuminance is greater than traditional street lights. You can install them effectively on main roads, highways, rural roads, and roadways. 
  • Site Perimeter - solar street lights can be used also as site perimeters. These areas require a strong source of lighting such as those surrounding buildings, industrial areas, factories, manufacturing plants and power station perimeters as they usually operate 24 hours a day.
  • Schools, College & Universities - Automatic solar lights can also be installed along campuses, schools, universities and colleges.
  • Corporate & Hospitals - Many corporations contribute to society through green initiatives. It also cut down your investment costs. It also helps minimize capital expenditures in the long run.
  • Government Municipalities, Barangay, Subdivion & Villages - Government agencies can potentially reduce their public utility expenses by investing in solar powered street lights for lighting public areas.
  • Parks, Plaza & Recreational Areas - There are public areas where parents, children and old people love to have picnic, relax and do some recreational activities. That’s why, solar powered street lights can help promote green energy.


Specifications & Parts


  • Adjustable Bracket- These lights have an adjustable bracket that is good for pole with arm, only for H30W- H80W then straight pole for the H100W- H150W, the bracket offer 65mm/95mm for H30W – H100W then 95mm for H120W-H150W, it offers a Two- Way Installation
  • Body Case- these Solar Lights has a full aluminum body case cover, from Top & Bottom Frame, Left & Right Frame, Top Angle & Bottom Angle Frame, and importantly the Top Aluminum Board & bottom Aluminum Board.
  • Controller - Our H Series Solar Lights have a controller With PIR Sensor that manages the power going into the battery bank from the Solar Array.
  • Led Chip & Magnifying Lens- The Led Chip use for H30W- H100W was 3030(lumens: 160-180 lm/w) and for the H120W- H150W is 5050 (lumens: 200-230 lm/w). Every row of our led lights is cover by magnifying lens, to make it brighter. The color temperature or CCT use was a 6000- 6500K, which is super white and perfect for street lighting.
  • Screws& Battery Holder– every screws for our H series is responsible for bracket, angle frame, battery and led lens. So that every parts use for the lights, will not move & shake. And for the safety if ever it’s already installed.
  • Battery Bead– so that the battery will not move.
  • UVA Paper –protection of the battery from the heat.
  • Wires and Labels – every wires use in the lights are waterproof and have label, so that the client will not be confused.
  • Battery – for our H Series we use Lithium Ion Battery, so they can be recharged and reused. And this kind of battery it’s much lighter in weight than other rechargeable batteries. H30W – H40W is 3.2V then H60W – H100W is 12v and H120W – H150W is 25.6V
  • Panel– we use Monocrystalline Solar Panel for our H Series, because it’s more efficient and generally thought as a premium solar product, especially for solar street lighting.
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